BeA nail plates and ARCTEC calculation software

System expertise from a single source

BeA nail plates with CE marking are available from S280GD with Z275 galvanising. However other features (e.g. stainless steel) are possible, and can be incorporated by agreement.

  • Versatile
  • Optimum connections and material utilisation
  • High load capacity
  • Prevents splitting
  • Various nail lengths and plate thicknesses according to structural usability report

Areas of application

Farm buildings, industrial buildings, workshops, consumer markets, administrative and office buildings, housing, formworks, roof refurbishment, building extensions, single and multi-family housing, special construction and the reinforcement of all types of joints and packaging materials.

BeA Nail plates

The BeA 1.0 is made from 1mm of material. Widths between 25.4 mm and 304.8 mm are possible in a grid measurement of 25.4 mm. The available lengths start at 50.8 mm and are expandable in increments of 50.8 mm.

The BeA 2.0 is made from 2mm material. Starting with a width of 66 mm, it can be manufactured in close grating to a maximum of 304 mm wide. The length spectrum begins at 100 mm and is available in widths that increase by 33 mm increments.

Expertise from a single source

Nail plates can be used to produce economical, efficient and very reliable connections in constructive timber construction - especially roof trusses.

BeA offers you a complete system for modern roof frame construction from a single source:

  • ARCTEC, a user friendly and very powerful calculation software
  • our own European manufacturing of approved nail plates made of galvanised steel and stainless steel
  • highly efficient logistics at our Hamburg location
  • Qualified expert advice and support dur the complete process.


Calculation with ARTEC

ARCTEC software for the structural calculation of our nail plates.

BeA Nail plates Information flyer

Nail plates in premium quality Versatile use for optimum connections and material usage.